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Keeping your business moving

corporate_image_oneNo matter how well you maintain your fleet, Corporate Cover is essential to safeguard a large, complex business like yours. The potentially high costs and disruption are just not worth the risk.

Our breakdown cover options range from roadside assistance in Greater Accra and in time will be national covering the whole of Ghana. So, whether you have a small fleet of cars or a single commercial vehicle, AutoStar Assist Corporate Breakdown Cover can keep your business on the move.

Why choose AutoStar Assist’s Corporate Breakdown Cover?

  • Less disruptions to your business – Vehicles being off the road are a cost especially to small businesses.
  • Less chance of needing a tow – Our industry expertise and innovative services help fix majority vehicles at the roadside.
  • Keeping your business moving – We aim to attend a breakdown within 90mins

We won’t tow unless we have to

  • If one of your business vehicles suffers a puncture and isn’t carrying a spare tyre our Tyre call out service can get your vehicle back on the road quickly.
  • Battery problems are still the number one reason for breakdowns. We can fix majority of battery problems at the roadside.

Prevention is better than cure

AutoStar Assist Corporate Cover helps you avoid another potential breakdown. Every time we repair a Corporate vehicle at the roadside we provide:

  • FREE Oil check and optional top up
  • FREE Battery check and advice.

Business benefits

  • Experienced, efficient team – reduce downtime
  • Peace of mind – don’t risk disruptions to your business
  • Flexibility – packages of cover tailored to your needs
  • Extensive network
  • Quality service

Outsource customer service, meet business goals

Customer expectations for individualised services are growing all the time. With greater competition, an increasingly service-led economy, and social media being used as a customer service channel, it looks likely that this trend will continue. AutoStar Assist Outsourcing can help deliver excellence in customer service, reduce costs and meet your business goals.

Customer Service Outsourcing – big business benefits

  • Outsourcing allows you to free up staff time to work on other business priorities.
  • By outsourcing your customer service, you can benefit from our up-to-date skills and experience, which would take time and money to develop.
  • Performance improves not just in customer service and but other priority areas of the business resulting in increased Return on Investment.

Skilled staff – we’re on your team

corporate_image_twoAutoStar Assist has experience in the automotive industry combined with extensive contact centre management expertise, so we’re ready to create a bespoke contact centre just for you. Our customer advisors are yours, dedicated to your clients and meeting your business goals.

We understand that strong relationships make outsourcing solutions work, and so well work in partnership with you to reinforce your brand values and help you to meet your business objectives. Think of us as a valued member of your team.

How AutoStar Assist’s Outsourcing solutions can help your business

  • Benefit from a consultancy approach to reinforce your brand values
  • Reduce management overheads, minimising costs
  • Improve customer service levels with our expert team
  • Re-focus on strategic business priorities and improve ROI

Our Outsourcing solutions

We’ll work with you to create flexible, cost-effective Outsourcing solutions to meet the specific needs of your business and always in tune with your business tone of voice and values:

  • Exceptional customer experience
  • Multi-purpose: sales, customer service, fulfilment, complaint resolution
  • Multi-channel: telephone, email, written correspondence and social media
  • Product information services
  • Administration
  • Insight and analysis
  • Inbound and outbound contact
  • Automotive expertise: fleet, car hire, dealer or driver services, motor manufacturers

Commercial Motor Insurance

corporate_image_coming_soonWe will have a range of Commercial Motor Insurance policies, so you can trust AutoStar Assist to keep you and your business moving.You can cover a single commercial vehicle or a whole fleet and we’ll find you the right cover at the right price. (Coming soon)





Vehicle Rentals – Coming soon;’

AutoStar Assist can assist in providing vehicle rentals when required, to enable your business to keep moving.


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